Wednesday, November 13, 2019

SR4Kidz! eWorkshops Coming Soon!

Welcome Everyone!
 If you are new to Saturday's R4 Kidz! I'll give you a briefing on who we are...
Saturday's R4 Kidz! is a children's wellness program
 that teaches wellness on all levels 
"Mental, Nutritional, and Physical". 
 We have existed for over 15 yrs 
keeping children engaged in workshops that are healthy and educational.   

Now that we have introduced ourselves,
 Are you ready for fun?! 
This year's Workshops are all about "eWellness and eLearning"! 

Look below to see details on individual workshops.

SR4Kidz! Winter Wellness Read-A-Thon is designed for literacy and Comprehension for all age.
(Toddlers-17 yrs). 
This year the focus will be on Wellness Literacy. 
Be sure to join in by registering your children!
The Winter Wellness Read-A-Thon starts January 2020

 Pen-pals have existed for a long time!
It is the art of making new friends,
 keeping in touch with loved ones,
 and learning new things about them. 
This year pen-paling is back with a "Mindful Twist"! 
 Mindfulness is the art of being mindful in all areas of life.
 Mindful in the things we say, do, read, how we react, think, respond, etc... 
This year pen-pal topics will be structured towards wellness in the form of mindful sharing.

 Mindful Pen pals will start in January 2020

Brain Exercises are very important! Which is why 2020 brings about a new game for brain!
Math Olympic is for grades 3rd-12th. 
You will be given brainy Questions and you will have given 1 month to find the answers  
You will have great fun in the race against time, I'm sure!
"Join in February 2020"
Note:This workshop will be online in Feb, but as a meetup at a later date, In'sha'Allah

Are You a Wellness Bee?
How well do you know nature, the environment, foods, the human body,
 and strategies to keep you well?
Bring your best game! 
Join in
March 2020
Note:This workshop will be online in March, but as a meetup at a later date, In'sha'Allah

Do you love the environment and the things that are in it?
 Do you feel that there is somethings that we all can do to make it better?
Do you have an idea that may make our Eco system better for all life forms?
Join the "Eco Science Fair"
April 2020
Note: A link for science project ideas will be given.
This will be online in April and as a meet-up at a later date.

In this age of Auto-correct and spell checker we are becoming more and more reliable on technology to correct our spelling and grammar usage, but what would happen if we didn't have auto correct or spell checker? Then what? Put your thinking caps on and let the games begin!
 Join in on a fun game of Spell-orama! 
May 2020
Tip: A word list will be given to study from
This workshop will be online in May, but as a meetup at a later date, In'sha'Allah

Trade and Barter Day is Back!
Trading and Bartering is one of the most smartest, eco-friendliest, and economical ways of living! Not only does it save money, but also join hearts and helps us to live in harmony with each other. Trade and Barter was once the most sustainable way of life and in some countries and among some groups of people it still exist today. 
Find things that you would like to trade or barter with others. 
Note: This workshop will be onsite as a meet up, In'sha'Allah:
 (Women and Children only (Girls of All Ages, Boys under 16)
June 2020  

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